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If you’re having computer trouble, come to Almighty PC. Our computer repair shop in Kuna, ID can complete a variety of troubleshooting, networking and repair services for PCs and laptops.

Since 2005, our computer technicians have helped hundreds of customers get their computers back up and running normally. Whether you need to set up a wireless network or rid your computer of a virus, Almighty PC has got you covered. Get in touch with our computer troubleshooting specialists today at (208) 861-7461.

Computer Repairs and Troubleshooting

Trust Almighty to find the root of the problem in Boise, ID

If you take your computer problem to a big box store, they’ll charge you a ridiculous amount of money just to check your PC. Almighty PC won’t charge you a dime to run a computer check. If you’re having PC issues, you can trust our tech to:

  • Spend time to find the root of the issue
  • Fix your computer right the first time
  • Save you time and money
You don’t have to wait in a long line at your local retail store. Call our specialized computer repair shop today and we’ll address your PC and laptop needs right away.

Top notch computer performance is key

OS upgrades, data backup, and new software installations are all essential to having an updated, fast-running computer. Almighty PC offers these services so you can have a PC that keeps up in the ever-evolving tech world. We even build custom computers!

You can rely on our techs to provide you with quality services so your computer will perform at its best. If you’re looking for general computer services in Kuna, ID, call us today at (208) 861-7461.

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